Management Dilemmas

Sharing dilemmas and challenges with other managers within the same organisation often helps to put things into perspective.

The success of this course is based on practical discussions, activities and techniques on how to work through solutions to your own dilemmas.

This one day course explores the Why, What and How of managing a variety of challenging situations at work. Aimed at those who manage a team and looking for practical tools, techniques and models to use to avoid and manage difficult situations and dilemmas when they occur.

By the end of this course managers will:

  • Understand their own dilemmas which are causing you problems at work

  • Learn why people behave the way they do in difficult situations

  • Know what their natural style and approach to communication is and how useful this is

  • ​Learn how to manage a variety of difficult situations using models, tools and techniques

  • Have practiced skills in small, discreet groups

Very interactive and kept everyone engaged. Sue also gave some very good ideas on how to deal with specific dilemmas
It gave me a firmer understanding of how to handle a variety of different situations
 Got straight to the point and moved at an appropriate pace – I was looking for tools to help with challenges / dilemmas that are pending and this has helped me to consider whether my approach is appropriate and other ways of getting the best out of a situation – Win-Win!