Leader as Coach – Mentor

Gain a rounded and practical experience of how to use the principles of coaching and mentoring as a team leader.

A half day follow up session is highly recommended 4 weeks following the training. 

Managers face numerous challenges in their role. With fewer people having to do more, it is more essential than ever before to have a team who can think through problems first before going to the manager for answers.  The answer to these many problems of managing teams to be more independent thinkers is to develop the team leader in how to use the principles of coaching and mentoring to empower their teams and encourage more collaborative working to problem-solve and work towards solutions.

This one day course will equip managers and team leaders with practical techniques to coach and mentor their teams, empowering them to take more responsibility and accountability, building trust and autonomy, making the role of team leader less stressful and more productive.

Coaching and mentoring skills can be used in many different situations including:

  • Regular catch-ups and one to one conversations

  • Well-being and development conversations​

  • Performance reviews and appraisals

  • ​Challenging conversations
  • Delegation​

  • Giving non-judgmental feedback​ in a coaching style

The course did really help me think about the way I structure and participate in meetings, so it has been very useful

Good techniques given for coaching

It provided some really useful practical approaches for having coaching conversations

Techniques such as using open questions, leaving silence and using the ‘EMERGE’ model to have coaching conversations to get the best out of people