CMI Level 6 in Professional Coach Supervision

Aimed at:

  • Existing experienced coach practitioners looking to expand their coaching expertise and development
  • Existing professionals who have extensive experience of coaching within their organisations and looking to expand their coaching expertise and development
  • Organisations who are looking to embed a coaching culture with a qualified network of internal coach supervisors.
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A comprehensive, structured and practical Level 6 coaching supervision qualification programme that equips learners with enhanced skills to confidently plan, manage and perform coaching supervision sessions with clients to support them with their coaching practice.

At a glance:

  • 40 hours of learning including training and coach supervision

  • Live interactive video sessions and or in person class-room training

  • 1-2-1 and group coach supervision sessions

  • ​18 hours of verified formal coaching practice

  • 9 – 12 month programme depending on formal coaching timescale being completed

  • Self-managed co-coaching practice with peer group learners

  • 1 written assignments of approximately 4000 words

Working with Sue as the tutor has been a really positive experience for me. Overall with a few things stand out. Sue’s vast knowledge of the subject matter was very reassuring and you did a great job of signposting us to additional and useful models and materials without it feeling overwhelming. She introduced some of the more complex areas of supervision (psychodynamics, parallel process) clearly and re-emphasised them at various opportunities to help us embed them. Sue worked well with us as adult learners; giving us enough of your knowledge and experience, whilst encouraging us to use our initiative and self direct our learning on the subject matter. Sue created a positive learning environment where is felt safe to test thoughts and ideas and shared alternative ways of sense-making and insight.

NHS Associate Director and Internal Supervisor