Building an internal coaching capability​

In chapter 11 of Coaching People through Organizational Change, we discuss the challenges of implementing change and how adopting a coaching approach can significantly increase the chances of the change initiative being a long-term success. When we use an ‘ask’ not ‘tell’ style of management, people feel listened to and trusted. ​

​According to Katherine St John-Brooks, in her book Internal Coaching, the inside story (2018), Internal coaching is likely to be professionalized over the next 10 years as organizations invest in and increase training accreditation and CPD. ​

​Having a team of internal coach ambassadors who are accredited through a recognised awarding body will be the first steps in helping your organisation to embed and maintain an internal coaching capability.

Professional Coaching Practice

A CMI level 5 qualification

Learning to be an internal coach requires a deeper level of learning and understanding of what internal coaching is, the responsibilities of an internal coach and how to manage boundaries, ethical dilemmas, hooks and triggers when working with a fellow colleague.​

This is a comprehensive, structured and practical programme that equips learners with enhanced skills to confidently set up coaching sessions with colleagues within the organisation, supporting them with their goals, needs and outcomes.​

This training is structured, rigorous and practical and is back up with on-going coaching supervision during the training. ​
We encourage co-coaching triads to further support learning during the training.  ​
One to one coaching for each of the learners is an option but recommended part of the programme.

  • 5 days of blended learning

  • 2 x half day group coaching supervision sessions

  • 4 x 1 hour private coach supervision sessions per person​

  • 18 hours of verified formal coaching practice​

  • 20 – 40 week programme depending on formal coaching timescale being completed​

  • Self-managed co-coaching practice with fellow learners​

  • 2 x half day tutorials (virtual live sessions)​

  • 2 written assignments of 4500 words each​

  • Half day review, reflect and further development