Executive Coaching

Coaching is a two-way conversation where an experienced coach works collaboratively with the client to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to enable change and transition. Coaching has a proven track record of improving performance, communication and confidence through the use of incisive questioning, high-level listening and if needed the use of interventions to bring insight and understanding.

Sue Noble is an experienced Executive, Business and Leadership Coach qualified to Level 7 in Executive Coaching and has a Diploma in Coaching Supervisor. Sue is accredited with EMCC as Senior Coach Practitioner and Coach Supervisor.

Sue coaches leaders to explore:​

  • Confidence building and how to break through imposter syndrome​
  • Emotional intelligence and ethical leadership behaviours​
  • Ethical dilemmas and how to avoid ​
  • Transitioning from operational to strategic roles or returners to work​
  • Transitioning from long term parental leave back to the work place
  • Personal branding, personal identity and purpose​
  • Limiting beliefs and unhelpful mind-sets​
  • Commitment to choices and actions​
  • Transactional Analysis and insight into tools which can help make sense of toxic working relationships​

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Sue Noble of Noble Training

Sue is an excellent coach and I have found my coaching partnership with her to be highly beneficial.  I am leading a range of highly complex and sometimes challenging work streams – including large scale business transformation, climate reduction and organisational change and development. Sue’s input has kept me focused and motivated.  Sue is a good listener but also challenges me to fully analyse the challenges and opportunities related to my senior leadership role so that I can reach my full potential, deliver the right solutions and create better service outcomes.

Exec Head of Organisational Development , Local Government
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I always appreciate that Sue lets me talk and really listens. She punctuates the sessions with very powerful questions which led me to think about how or why I might act in a certain way. These sessions have allowed me to take back control of my own narrative and I am happier and healthier for it. I have found the coaching sessions really invaluable and I know that if I have a session with Sue and have a particular concern, that I will come out of the session having spoken to someone who is able to help me see things from a more impartial perspective that enables me to make a decision that’s best for me

Senior Manager, Charity Sector