Emerge Coaching Framework / Model

A coaching framework or model provides a structure for a coaching conversation or meeting, to guide the process and focus on the end goal. The EMERGE model helps the coach or team leader to navigate and guide the conversation through a logical sequence and avoids having a cosy chat rather than a conversation focused on a goal or ideal outcome.

EMERGE is an acronym for:

  • EXPECTATION Contracting and agreeing the session, goals and idea outcomes. Agreeing what you are both there to do.

  • MOTIVATION AND ENERGY to reach the goal and to change the current situation.

  • EXPLORE what has been done already, what has worked, blocks and barriers.

  • REVIEW AND REFLECT on the conversation. What else could be done. Any new insights and learning.

  • GENERATE IDEAS for options and choices. Check the goal is still the same.

  • EVALUATE actions and way forward. Summarise the session and check new insights and learning.

The EMERGE coaching model (Noble, S 2022) explicitly defines the motivation and energy to reach the goal or desired outcome. Coaching is about change and for coaching to be successful, the client must realise and have the motivation for change. Without the intrinsic motivation (what compels the person to do what they want to do) the momentum for change may reduce over time. Any process which involves change requires internal energy to get there.

To fully embrace EMERGE as a coaching model, it’s important to understand not only what each stage aims to do but also why it is important to address each of the stages.

EMERGE is not intended to be used in a strict, regimented way. Users can go to the stage that is most appropriate once the conversation gets underway.

Experience shows that to optimise a coaching conversation it is best to start with Expectations and to end with Evaluate.

EMERGE is featured within ‘Coaching People through Organizational Change’. See chapter 4, page 65. Appendix A on page 256, offers a full and detailed example of how to use EMERGE in a conversation.

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