Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is a process of reflection, insight and support, bringing together disciplines including coaching, mentoring and psychology. It’s a reflective, confidential conversation in a psychologically safe environment where you, as a coach practitioner, can feel able to discuss your coaching practice and coaching relationships.

The benefits of coaching supervision working with a qualified and experienced supervisor are many and include:

  • A safe and confidential environment to discuss coaching issues
  • Building the confidence, competence and credibility to coach in most challenging and sensitive situations
  • Feeling supported and knowing that you are in good hands to help develop you in your coaching profession
  • Building awareness of the importance of clear and regular contracting
  • Ensuring the coaching standards and ethics are maintained
  • Establishing good boundaries
  • Reflective space for learning and support
  • Sharing of tools, techniques, theory and research from a coaching professional
  • Deepening coaching presence
  • Understanding and building the ‘internal supervisor’
  • Developing and offering new perspectives
  • Mentoring on coaching psychology

Sue as your supervisor will give you time and space to think about aspects of your coaching practice and to reflect on some of the more challenging aspects of your coaching experience. You will never be judged but you will be supported and challenged. This level of challenge is always checked with you at the beginning of the session as part of the contracting space. Sue will encourage you to talk about your coaching relationship and any challenges you have with you as a coach and your coaching practice, essential coaching skills and generally a chance to have an honest conversation with another professional.

Sue is a very experienced coach-supervisor. She was able to offer me all the support I needed while at the same time challenging my thinking and beliefs where necessary. Our sessions were always enlightening and thought provoking and the techniques and tools she used have proved invaluable in my own coaching practice. I would highly recommend Sue to any coach seeking to improve their coaching skills as part of their ongoing professional development.

Claire Griffin, Director CG Talent.

Sue created a safe space for me to explore my learning and develop my own insight into strengths and areas for development. Sue introduced some of the more complex areas of supervision (psycho dynamics, parallel process) clearly and re-emphasised them at various opportunities to help me embed them with my own practice.  Sue was quick to raise concerns into my supervision practice and was able to challenge at a level which was not judgemental. She was explicit in asking what I wanted and did it in a way that I could understand and learn from. Thank you Sue for your support and insight.

Associate Director, Leadership Development, NHS Trust