Coaching ​people through organisational change

Sue Noble and Amy Tarrant

“A very practical and informative book.” Professor Peter Hawkins Ph.D.

“A substantial change-related toolkit ” Professor David Clutterbuck

“The first business-related book that I have read during my 40 years career that is truly a page-turner” Robin Peppe Sterneck

If you:

  • Manage change within your organisation
  • Manage a team within an organisation regularly experiencing change
  • Are interested in how coaching can help you in your role
  • Have ever wondered how coaching can support others through change
  • Are a qualified coach wondering how to manage people through change and resistance

Then this book is for you and will…

  • Outline what organisational change is and why change is so challenging
  • Support you with coaching others through uncertain times and a constant state of flux
  • Offer evidenced-based coaching techniques to support the delivery of sustainable business change
  • Provide you with more than 20 practical tools, techniques, models and frameworks to support people through specific change challenges.

Amazon 5 Star Review:  Great blend of change management and coaching techniques and tips.  I purchased this after viewing the related webinar on the Change Management Institute. Loving the mix of theory from both worlds of change management and coaching blended with practical advice and tips. Recommended for anyone involved in managing the people side of change.

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Coaching people through organisational change

01: Organisational change in context

02: Acquisitions, digitalization and regulation: The change giants

03: Coaching in a change context

04: Best practice coaching methods for change practitioners

05: Introduction to Emergenetics® and its relevance to change and coaching

06: Post acquisition challenges and coaching solutions

07: Resistance to organizational change and coaching solutions

08: Business transformation and ambiguity and coaching solutions

09: Stakeholder engagement and coaching solutions

10: Making change stick and coaching solutions

11: Building an internal coaching capability

12: Techniques to coach people through change

Appendix A: Stages of EMERGE, how and why to use them

Appendix B: Guiding principles, core values and essential skills

Appendix C: Techniques to coach people through change matrix

Appendix D: Change certification

Appendix E: Coaching certification

business Book Awards Coaching people through organisational change

The Business Book Awards

The Business Book Awards in partnership with Pathway Group celebrates the work of authors who have shared their market knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

In the Spring of 2023 Coaching People through Organizational Change, co-authored by Amy Tarrant and Sue Noble was shortlisted under the Category of Change and Sustainability.

We were invited along to the Awards Gala dinner, sponsored by our Publishers, Kogan Page to network and share in the success of fellow shortlisted authors. Although Coaching People through Organizational Change was not a winner within this category, the fact that we were shortlisted out of more than 300 books received by The British Book Awards that year, we felt like winners all the same.

The very talented Ket Patel has joined us in this photo. I am now working closely with Ket under his business, aptly called Change Agitators, to help organisations realise the importance line managers have on successful business change. We offer consultancy and training in practical and meaningful techniques in how to encourage a mind-set shift to recognise the benefits change and coaching has on organisational change.

Here’s what industry professionals have to say about Coaching People through Organizational Change…

If you care deeply about your organization and your people, then put this book on your reading list and get to it quickly!

Hina Shavdia, Head of Change, AXIS International

A handbook for anyone concerned with delivering large scale change.

Myles Downey, Leader, Performance Coach and Author

A substantial change-related toolkit is essential for coaches and that’s what this book provides.

Professor David Clutterbuck, Practice Lead at Coaching and Mentoring International Ltd. Practice Lead at David Clutterbuck Partnership

A very practical and informative book.

Professor Peter Hawkins Ph.D., Chairman Renewal Associates

This is the first business-related book that I have read during my 40-year career that is truly a page-turner.

Robin Peppe Sterneck, President of Sterneck Capital Management and Co-Facilitator of ‘Emerging Leaders’ at The Central Exchange

This book brings humanity, care and respect to those experiencing organizational change through the use of coaching in a way most Organizational Change books have not.

Ketan Patel, Founder, Change Reaction and UK Co-lead, Change Management Institute