How to avoid ethical dilemmas in organisational coaching

Ethics, boundaries, behaviours and attitude have an important place in organisational strategic coaching. Ethical practice refers to the standards of professional conduct which a coach is expected to uphold, whereas ethical maturity, at a strategic level, is defined as ‘the increasing capacity to embrace ethical complexity and deal with appropriate respect and fairness to all parties involved in a situation (Carroll, M, 1996). At a strategic level issues around ethics and boundaries can often be blurred particularly when operating as an internal coach or even as a manager using a coaching style. The question remains, can a manager successfully coach their team and maintain good boundaries? Issues around confidentiality may arise particularly if the member of staff reveals something which might harm them or others. There may [...]

Coaching in a VUCA world

How Coaching can facilitate business transformation in a VUCA world – A practical guide ______________________________________________________ Meet VUCA, the new normal! VUCA (pronounced voo–ka) is an acronym for: Volatility - things are changing quickly but not in any predictable way Uncertainty – past experience is not a relevant indication of likely future events so planning for the future is extremely difficult Complexity - there are countless causes to a problem, and they are all difficult to understand Ambiguity - the causes of the events at hand are unclear and hard to establish Whilst the original use of the acronym can be traced back to the US Army War College in the 1980s, the term was plucked from the archives by Judith Stiehm and Nicholas Townsend and is now [...]

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