Many people think that preparing for their coaching supervision session is pretty simple. Just make the call to your supervisor and see what happens, after all, it’s the coaching supervisor’s responsibility to make sure the session goes well… right?… well, partly.

The coach supervisor does have a responsibility to ensure that the supervisee is guided in the right way, by raising awareness of issues around boundaries and ethics, with the supervisor allowing a safe space for the supervisee to express themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment and raise concerns that they have with their coaching and or coaching relationships.

The power and success of the supervision session lie with the supervisee and what they would like to gain from their session and importantly what they would like from their coaching supervisor. Contracting is absolutely essential and is the first step to ensuring a successful supervision session.

What does this mean for you as a supervisee?

Before you have your next supervision session, you may wish to consider these questions:

  • During your coaching sessions, how aware are you of your ‘internal supervisor’?*
  • How often do you find yourself outside of your comfort zone? What are you noticing at this point?
  • How you noticed when your client ‘hooks’ you into their emotion or issue?
  • When do you sometimes get stuck with a client?
  • What are the conditions that really help you to be in ‘flow’ and do your best work as a coach?
  • What is the most significant piece of client feedback you’ve received? How did this change your approach to coaching?
  • What has been the most challenging ethical issues you’ve experienced as a coach

*Internal supervisor relates to the gut feeling you get when you feel uncomfortable about something happening in the moment. You might consult your internal supervisor to help you make a decision or to reflect on what you are doing and if there needs to be an alternative way.

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