Developing emotionally intelligent leaders with awareness and skills to empower and engage their teams.

Noble Learning is a training, coaching and change consultancy. We train and coach managers and leaders in how to use skills which empower their teams to think through challenges and work out solutions to problems with support and guidance from the manager. Encouraging others to be independent thinkers leads to an engaged and motivated workforce. This is achieved by line managers taking the principles of coaching and mentoring to listen more, ask open questions and be just a bit more curious before giving advice and suggestions. This solution focused style of management enables rapport, connection and trust and will support line managers and their teams to work through workplace dilemmas and organisational change.

Your leaders will be:

  • Inspired by learning a new approach

  • Able to think from different perspectives

  • Emotionally intelligent with awareness of self and others

  • Masters in the art of asking curious and incisive questions

  • Masters in the art of listening with a purpose

  • Confident in using techniques to support their team

Empowering dialogues, collaborative discussions and a person-centred mindset help to break down barriers, improve confidence and support line managers to have difficult conversations in every day situations and during times of organisational change.

Take a look at our courses and our extended and rigorous qualification programmes below, giving your line managers and leaders the confidence to harness and develop exceptional communication skills to be used immediately at work.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to support and benefit your organisation, your managers and your teams.

Be curious…

Training for Managers & Leaders

Train your managers and leaders in how to coach and mentor their teams. We provide structured and practical training with relevant tools and techniques.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a confidential and contracted conversation encouraging the client to stop, reflect and step out of their comfort zone.

Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is a process of reflection, insight and support, bringing together disciplines including coaching, mentoring and psychology.

Building Internal Coaching Capability ​

An organisation which embraces coaching as part of their leadership style, approach and ethos is on the way to building an internal coaching capability.

Looking for a Qualification? CMI is the perfect choice balancing rigour with straightforward and practical unit based assessments.

These CMI qualifications are perfect for busy professionals seeking an accreditation to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding without the onerous task of building a portfolio of evidence which some other Awarding bodies require.  As accredited CMI Centre, at Noble Learning we offer high quality training with structured and clear guidance on how to complete the assignments.  Take a look at what’s on offer.

Bitesize Modular Training

Bite Size Learning is aimed at busy managers looking to refresh or learn new skills.

Choose one or more of the modules to create your own bespoke live interactive training package.

Each module is offered from 90 to 180 minute virtual sessions for up to 10 participants.

bitesize learning

Coach & Mentor Training

Leader as Coach Mentor

The principles of coaching and mentoring as a team leader

This one day course offers practical and meaningful techniques in how to use the principles of both coaching and mentoring with teams and as part of a range of management techniques. ​

Mentor & Mentee Training

The role and responsibility of both the mentor and the mentee

These courses aim to develop a rounded understanding of the role and responsibility of both the mentor and the mentee.

Coaching Through Change

Support your team and yourself through organisational change

This two-day course offers practical and valuable coaching style techniques in how to successfully coach and support not only yourself but also your team through organisational change.

Management Dilemmas

The why, what and how of managing a variety of challenging situations

Aimed at those who manage a team and are looking for practical tools, techniques and models to use to avoid and manage difficult situations and dilemmas when they occur.

Sue Noble

Sue delivers group training and 1-2-1 coaching, focused at managers and leaders to help them raise awareness of emotional intelligence and how to manage change, uncertainty and challenging situations.

Coaching people through organisational change